COVID-19 & Summer Food Boxes

Dear Community Supporters,

So many of you have reached out to help get food to kids during the school, daycare, and agency shutdowns due to COVID-19. Your outpouring of love and support and your willingness to do whatever task it takes is inspirational and we will need your continued energy, prayers and strength as we move through these days of uncertainty. 


Through the generous donations of supporters, we have been able to continue our donation of food boxes to needy families into June. These boxes, delivered weekly, feed a family of four. 


We would like to raise $4,000 to cover the costs of the boxes through June. The boxes cost only $12 each. 


Please consider a donation and share this opportunity with your family and friends via email or social media. 

In service, in community and in hope,

Ann Henderson


Donations made to The Community Kitchen will help with walk in meals for families and seniors, food deliveries to shut ins, infirmed and rural areas, pick up boxes for families, and coordinated efforts in supply of area food pantries.


Donations made to MUCH will go directly to the creation and distribution of food boxes.


Apply for Emergency Relief Funding

MUCH Emergency Relief Funding

In order to apply for this funding, the following criteria must be met or it will not be considered:

1) The request must be made by a non-profit organization
2) The request must benefit food insecure children and families
3) The request must benefit children of need in Cheshire County, New Hampshire

Maximum allocation for the fiscal year is $2,500.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact
Ann Henderson,


Our Story

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Monadnock Understands Childhood Hunger (M.U.C.H.) is a coalition of members who share the vision of access to abundant, healthy food for all of the children of our region.


“Every child, Every meal, Every day” is our mantra and as simple and obvious a message, it is nonetheless a truth against great odds. Supply is not meeting growing demand in regional and national programs and choices are increasingly limited and inherently unhealthy.


Solving Food inequality for children is a far reaching, complex societal issues that touches on the work of many great social support networks. We believe that the best way to eradicate childhood hunger is by partnering together as like-minded organizations and friends. With innovative ideas, shared resources, common education, support of one another, and a steadfast common goal, we will succeed. 


Our membership includes non-profits, schools and universities, farming and faith based organizations, community service organizations, business, community leaders, and concerned citizens who care about the healthy development of our children. It is our view that through this model of Collective Impact we will build a sustainable, holistic, and healthy approach to food security for our children. Each day we dedicate our work towards education, imagination, connection, and creativity. Just as kids need to grow, so does M.U.C.H. as a coalition. In fact, we need you and your passion if you consider this to be one of the greatest and most unjust challenges of our time.


Experience M.U.C.H. Monadnock Understands Childhood Hunger

Hope Is Where the Heart Is


How to Get Involved:

Volunteer your time at an event

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Donate to the cause

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Join the coalition 

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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