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Mission Statement

M.U.C.H. is a coalition of organizations and individuals engaged in addressing childhood hunger in the Monadnock Region. Its mission is to assess food availability in the region, to identify hungry children, to bring childhood hunger awareness to our communities, and to further engage in creating collaborations among stakeholders who share this concern about childhood hunger.


Coalition Community Goals

  1. To cultivate relationships with existing programs addressing children’s food security.

  2. To identify and disseminate relevant food insecurity information throughout the region. 

  3. To ensure the development of interventions in order to increase access to healthy food.

  4. To develop a coherent and non-duplicative organization system/structure to address food security issues.

Coalition Organization Goals

  1. To formalize and solidify agreements and/or letters of understanding with organizational partners aimed at sharing program relevant information.

  2. To conduct a food assessment and develop a resource and food insecurity and food resource map.

  3. To develop an inclusive committee structure which will meet coalition operational needs and will reflect membership values and interests. Committees will include but not limited to finance, programs, communications, community education, and research.

  4. To develop and define volunteer systems and internships.

  5. To insure financial sustainability with the development of a funding plan.

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